Monday, January 30, 2012

How fast was I going?

Well I slept through my alarm on Saturday and I slept through my alarm this morning.

Which meant I channeled all my early morning seminary powers of rolling out of bed and being completely ready in less then 10 minutes.

Or so I thought.

When left work I realized that I had forgotten my Garmin...for my speed workout.

Ok. fine. not ideal, but I can still run even if I don't have my super watch with me.

Then I got to Amy's house and went to change into my running gear and realized that I hadn't packed my...running pants.

I can run without my cool reflective vest, I can run without my Garmin, I can run without my headlamp...running without pants though?

That's a little more awkward than even I can handle.

So instead I went for the kind of awkward where you borrow a pair of running shorts from your running buddy and for good measure a headlamp and a reflective vest:)

And then for even better measure run behind them (I can't run fast enough to actually draft off her) and make them wait for me to catch up after each repeat so that I know when to stop running and start walking.

It was pretty clear that I haven't run a good speed workout in weeks as well as the fact that I ran the first repeat much faster than I should have. I base this on the fact that the distance I was behind Amy and how fast we know she ran the first repeat in...also I was really tired for the next two.

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jclay said...

Oh man... I half love and half hate when I sleep through my alarm. It happens way more often than it should. :)