Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yay, for Power!

I finally reached total moocher status and took a shower over at Amy's house.

This girl will do just about anything to avoid freezing showers with no hope of getting warm even AFTER the shower.

Which meant our power came back on when I got home:) But still no internet.

I'm back at Bonjour Cupcakes
609 Capitol Way S
Olympia, WA 98501

If you're EVER in the area or have a few extra calories to must try this shop.

They gave me a plate of extra frosting to eat with a spoon:)

If I didn't run I would be so fat right now.


jclay said...

Those look amazing! And an extra plate of frosting?! Heck yes, sign me up!

Amy N. said...

I'm pretty sure you owe me a cupcake.

Terra said...

It was a chocolate butter cream swirled with fresh can taste the real strawberries in it:)

Amy: you should have made a bet with Jason when he said he was going to kick your butt at a board game the other day:)