Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I really like running.

It was kind of a rush to home from work, change and then head back out in order to get to the group run on time tonight.

But I did it.:)

I even remembered to charge my Garmin. Which was good since Amy had to get her run in earlier today and I couldn't mooch off her. Which is getting harder to do since she has some CRAZY fast goal paces these days.

Tonight's workout was 2 easy miles, 2 short tempo miles, followed up by two easy miles.

my old running friend Drew showed up so I had someone to run with, which was nice.

I did NOT make my goal times tonight. I'm choosing to blame my Garmin as being dumb, because I just don't see how I could have been so off on what pace I felt I was going vs. what it recorded.

Plus I accidentally hit the "lap" button in the middle of my 1st tempo mile, which kind of screwed up my "history".

Oh, well.

It was a great night for a run, and I had a great time running with Drew.

Next time I'll have to make sure not to hit buttons, and run a little faster I guess.

P.S Amy and found out why we weren't sore from the last time we did the Iron Strength workout....we had only done half of the Plyometric Lunges we were supposed to do.
Apparently they really make a difference!


Amy N. said...

Aw man, Drew showed up? He's fun to run with. I missed out.

But I got to run when it was light outside, which made up for missing you guys.

I'm glad your run was good! I swear it's harder to hit goals on the tempo runs in the dark!

Amylee said...

I hate it when I hit those lap buttons! You're right- Amy IS crazy fast.

I had a little epiphany tonight, too. I LOVE RUNNING. Not running fast, or getting PR's- just running. I got to "run" with a friend tonight. We went just over 4 miles in an hour. It was so perfect. And you know what? I wished that every run could be like that. As it turns out- a 14 minute pace freakin' rocks.

Terra said...

I think I might have broken him...he was supposed to run with me tonight but he was a "no show".

I did have a great run with Alice and tried out a new route! I even found one of the elusive water towers:)