Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ask my husband. It's true.

I don't like watching chick flicks, or movies with kissing in them (which includes some Disney movies) or really any movie with even slightly awkward moments in them.

I don't like Valentines Day either. It's stressful. Get the right gift, set the right mood...blegh.

Jason LOVES Valentines Day...pretty much anything romantic really.

But every year he gives me just what I wanted:) NOTHING!

There is one thing that I do like on Valentines Day though...

When I was about 12 my Dad started a tradition of making all of us breakfast! That first year he dyed everything pink:)

He makes all our favorite things...Breakfast Links (Morning Star brand) Sunny side up eggs, waffles, tater tots (we all love tater tots!)

Now that we all live in the far corners of the world Dad usually mails us a bag of the most delicious treats! Andes Mints Valentines Special Edition...

They only sell them once a year. They are AMAZING!

They are also REALLY hard to find.

Dad used to be able to get them at a store in Boone, NC but now, none of us can find them anywhere. Which makes us all sad.

(by "us" I'm referring to my 5 sisters and 1 brother)

This afternoon I came home to a waiting package...I had no idea what was in it.

Chocolate covered strawberries!

I love both of those items.

But what I really loved was the note from my Dad.

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Amylee said...

What a neat tradition you dad has going on. So thoughtful!