Monday, March 19, 2012

18 miles of sunshine!

I was a little nervous running my Long Run without Amy this past weekend.

I think it's been over a year since we started running together and we've pretty much done all our Long Runs together since.

(Other than the weeks I was out East and Amy ran alone and I totally ditched my Long Runs0

My plan was to run with a local group so I wouldn't be alone. Even Martinho had abandoned me for a St. Patty's day race ( he placed 1st in his age group!)

What ended up happening is that I briefly woke up and either imagined or really did hear the lite pattering of rain and promptly went back to sleep.

When I DID get up it was to a sky of sunshine! Of course I was then faced with "what route should I take"...until I realized that I wasn't meeting anyone and I could just walk out my front door and go running!

Which is what I did...and maybe why I also got lost on my way back:) Luckily I had also brought my cell phone (I wrap it in plastic wrap to keep the sweat off it) and was able to call my friend Lissa so that she could look up where I was and how to get back:)

I made my goal pace (Even though I was talking on the phone with Lissa for about half of the run) My goal was 8:57 and I ran it in 8:47. I also got my photo taken since I looked totally ridiculous in my full Long Run, running gear of tights, arm warmers, and the terribly awesome water belt...and cell phone?

I also managed to plan my run to end at the front door of Bonjour Cupcakes!

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