Friday, April 27, 2012

I hate traveling...where are my snacks?

Right now I'm sitting the Boston Logan airport waiting for my second flight of what is/has been a very long day.

It's weird to me that ever since I lost my awesome flight benefits (because my awesome friend Melissa gave me her family/travel buddy benefit while she worked at the airline) I have really disliked the hassle of flying.

It's weird, because when you're using flight benefits, you fly standby and can spend an entire day in some random airport at the drop of a hat.  I sat in numerous airports for HOURS, changed flight plans at the drops of a hat, and was just glad when there was an empty seat no matter where I was sat, or what child kicked the back of my seat. (Of course I also went to Mexico for $50, so there's that:) )

Now with a paid ticket it all seems too much to bear.  What do you MEAN I somehow picked the slowest security line?  I can't BELIEVE we're still sitting at the gate.  These seats are so SMALL.  How am I supposed to sleep through the entire flight like I'm two years old?

Still...I'm pretty sure the guy at the ticket desk gave me the wrong directions to get to my concorse.  It just makes NO sense that I had to leave security to get to my connection.  Although, I will admit that the Boston Logan airport security was the most efficient and fast moving security line I have EVER been in.                

Plus they have free wifi!

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