Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Raining, it's Pouring...

My lovely easy Thursday runs...

I had a nice 2.9 mile run with friends planned tonight.

It rained ALL day. And not the little drops that you almost don't even notice. These were big and wet and cold...and there were a lot of them.

Catherine texted me asking if I would run with her during her speed workout before the group run and I thought "sure why not!" So we did:)

Then we ran with our friends and since we were super soggy by then the rain had stopped bothing me and I hardly noticed.

THEN because I really wanted to get a chance to talk with Heather (I've missed running with you!) I added on the small lake loop. It also gave me a chance to get to know one of my Daily Mile friends a bit better, since this was the first time we ran together. ( I love that even though we've only "seen" each other once we have such a strong common interest that we were both running in the soggy rain).

Once I got home I wante dto update because I love staring at my totals and watching them get bigger and bigger. I also get a huge kick out of watching the mileage on my shoes add up, even though it means I need to spend $100 to replace my old shoes.

Cross your fingers that South Sound Running has some more hot pink shoes! I don't really like the grey ones.

SO anyway I ended up running 9 miles the day before my Long Run of 15 (Yay! Only 15 miles!)

I'm going to try and get Jason to massage my legs tonight.

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