Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tempo Tonight!

Seriously...who does an TEN mile Tempo run!?

Amy and I, that's who.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is tricky this time of year. It might be raining in the morning and freezing...then it might be sunny and warm in the afternoon...Or hail...or all of them with in an hour.

What this means is that I packed three different running shirts this morning and I still didin't have the right shirt for my run this afternoon. It was cool when we started, and then I was a little warm...which distracted me from the fact that my Garmin...wait for it...died one mile into the run.

I think it turns on in my bag.

Amy made her paces, and I was behind her at about the place where I am when I'm making MY paces, so we think I was running at about 7:45 per mile. Which is pretty cool since my goal pace was 8:12.

To be honest it was kind of a pretend Tempo. We ended up stopping for a bathroom break at about 4.3 miles and then for another one for Amy at mile 8 at the running store where we dorked around for a while before getting started again.

We ended with cupcakes! Cupcakes are awesome.

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Amy N. said...

It was a good run and cupcakes are always a good idea!