Sunday, April 08, 2012


Monday's are Speed days...

We run at a local High school near Amy's house, which works out perfect for our warm up and cool down. We just head out from Amy's house and about 12 minutes later we're ready to procrastinate our Speed work out on a nice cushy track!

Tomorrow is a little tough though. Jason has a training class that won't be finished in time for him to pick me up from work and make it to Amy's in time for our workout.


I can do the workout on my own (like that would happen)

I can take the bus to Amy's house but it will take almost two hours because I have to change buses twice. Plus, I'll still be really late. (meaning I'll be leaving work at 4pm to be at her house at 6pm, which is when we're supposed to be AT the track.)

I can bike to her house, which, while faster doesn't sound awesome because I'm not fond of biking anywhere. I also plugged the route into and it seems a bit hilly for me on a bike. Anything other than flat or down hill is hilly to me on a bike. It says it will take me 45 minutes to get from work to her house.

OR I can run it.

I'm kind of leaning towards running it. If I take 1:15 to run it I can average a 9:22 per mile which is pretty sedate for me.

Yeah, that's how much I hate biking.

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