Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holy Cow!

So much has happened since my last lame post...

I had one of the hardest Long Runs last Friday...It was "only" 13 miles, and if I ever use the word "only" to describe a long run again, please someone remind me of this run.

I didn't eat breakfast, or pack Salt Tablets...I did manage to charge and bring my Garmin and water belt, so there were a few things going right.  By mile 10 I was telling Amy to just leave me (she had to be at her kids school at a specifi time to pick them up) and she was bribing me with promises of fruit smoothies if I would only keep running!  At one point she had told me that we would stop when her Garmin beeped the next mile marker.  I heard one of our watches beep but that it was mine...until mine beeped.  I thought about telling her I knew what she was doing, but just didn't have the energy, so I just kept running:)  God gave us Running Buddies for a reason!  Mine is the best:)

This photo doesn't have anything to do with the runs in this post.  It's from last Thursday but it was still a great run!

Sunday I ran with some new runners a friend is leading in a Couch to 5k program.  I don't really like running on Sunday and have justified it in my mind by telling God that their pace isn't really "running" for me, and it's kind of "service" to go out and support a friend and others in reaching their goals. Plus it doesn't interfear with going to church...and I can't meet them any other day.  From there I hop, skipped and jumped half a mile to the Finish line of the Capital City Marathon to cheer for running friends who were running in the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, and 5 Mile race.  It rained on me.  I also managed to NOT recognize about half of the people I was there to cheer for:)  But I probably did cheer for them, since I think it's kind of creepy to just stand there and stare at people while the run by, so I cheer for everyone.

Monday I managed to forget/lose my Garmin so I dusted off my old 101, which seems to measure distances better than my 305. I'm sure everyone remembers all my complaining about having to run past Amy after her watch beeped to tell her to stop.  I LOVED Mondays' Speed.  I tmight be because I did really well:)
My goal was 6:40 per 1000 meters
My actual splits are....6:19, 6:31. 6:30, 6:23, 6:33 and the best thing is that I felt great through the whole thing.  I also started remembering to take my Iron supplements again.  I'm sure it's not related:)

Tuesday I met up with some more friends and was teased by the rained almost all day and then cleared up for about an hour...right before we started running.  The sun came out and everything...until we started running, and then it started raining.  But we ran anyway:)  It's always easier when you know others are just as soggy as you are.

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Amy N. said...

The old 101 totally worked. It was worth it to have around since obviously you needed a backup!

That run on Saturday was hard, but you totally survived. It was weird to feel like the strong one.

A week and a half to go, positive thoughts!