Friday, October 12, 2012

It's a lot harder than it looks

First things first...

The smell of scrambled eggs makes me want to hurl.

It was a gradual effect that has happened over the past year.  Between Jason and Kacy both constantly cooking scrambled eggs I can no longer stand the smell of them.  The smell is unbearable.

In other news, I ran my Tempo run on Wednesday night.

5 miles.  goal pace 7:37

I didn't reach it, but it was a MUCH more positive run than I've been having so I'm pretty happy with it.

8:03, 8:34. 7:23, 7:23, 7:43

I did manage to look totally nerdy by changing my hand held water bottle for my Fuel Belt.  I just think it looked like over kill to be wearing a water belt on a 5 mile run.

But it worked.  I had my water AND I was able to maintain a much more consistent form during the run.

One of the things that Rich has been telling me to work on is to pump my arms through a full range of motion.  Carrying the water bottle severely hampered that movement and I found that I was barely moving my arms.

I also realized that it's a lot harder to keep my elbows tucked in while I'm running any kind of distance.

I've been told I resemble a boxer while I run:)  All I want to know is it a fast boxer?

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