Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Night!

Yesterday I went on my first night run of the season.

I also realized that I have totally forgotten how to dress when it's raining and might be cold.

My first instinct was to break out the Thermal gear, which on more consideration seemed a bit of an over reaction.

I DID pack a hat, gloves, headlamp, and my awesome running reflector vest.

Randy and Amy laughed at me but after no less than TWO cars weren't paying attention and invaded our personal space I ask you who got the last laugh!?

Seriously, I've been hit by a car twice.

12 miles, pretty perfect running temperature (I wore a long sleeved shirt, and really could have done a short sleeved) and NO rain!

A good solid pace for our run.

A 8:22 average and feeling good isn't bad at all.

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