Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Through the power of my mind I will NOT be sick.

Serves me right for trying to be nice to Jason when he got sick last week...I broke protocall and broke quarantine to bring him soup and DayQuil.

And what did that get me? A cold.

Granted it isn't nearly as bad as he claimed to be feeling.  I'm just congested and a little tired.
Still to be on the safe side I skipped my run tonight.

I kind of still missed it though.

To take my mind off the time, and what I normally do on Wednesdays I decided to make Quince Jam.
I picked up some organic Quince fruit at the local farmers market...'cause I'm green like that.

Actually I had no idea what they looked like and kind of imagined that they resumed a citrus fruit...they don't.  They look like slightly furry lumpy green apples crossed with a pear.

And they smell like Star fruit.

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