Monday, October 29, 2012

Snohomish River Run Half Marathon

Last Saturday I got up a lot earlier than I wanted and put on too many layers of running clothes.

The goal was to make it to drive an hour to the shuttle stop for the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon.

We missed the 7:00am shuttle by 4 minutes.  We even got to watch it drive away.

But that gave me time to realize that I had too many layers on and change into one of the other three outfits that I had brought with me.

We got the start with plenty of time to find and meet up with our Ragnar teammate Larissa, hit the bathroom line, and then stand around freezing for a while:)

My Garmin didn't locate satellites until I'd already been running for a bit so I was a little lost mentally during the run on WHERE I was on the course.

It was also the most silent race I've ever been in.

Seriously, NO ONE spoke a word.

I think it was the brutal head wind we had for the first three just takes a lot out of you.

The high light for me was at about mile 10 when I was kind of over the whole thing, the 4th overall finisher was doing his cool down and took pity on me and ran about a mile and half with me and talked to me.

He was so nice!  When I told him I was having a hard time mentally he asked if I had any gels to take to see if some calories might help.  I told him "no" so he gave me one of his!

Him taking the time to just talk to me while I ran made such a difference in my moral for this race.
I had been cold, and my legs were heavy and tired and I just wanted to be finished, but a little company can and did go a LONG way!

Amy and Larissa finished about 7 minutes in front of me and Amy managed to snag 1st in her age group without even trying.  I was 10th and am kind of amazed.  Time wise this wasn't a strong race for me.

Plus, what's up with all that fasties in my age group this year?!

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