Friday, December 07, 2012

How 3 turned into 13

Yesterday I planned on running with a group called Pints Pavement Pounders for about 3 miles. It's their off season so it didn't count towards my free high vis Brooks Tech shirt (4 runs to go!).

Still, I always have fun running with them. The hing is, is that Grace has been getting a little chubby and really pouring on the "sad eyes" wheb I leave to running with her.

BUT I didn't have the car so I would need to run over to my run.  It's 4.66 miles to Pints Barn.

No biggy.

We got there, ran with friends, Gracw got to pee on tons of bushes, which mad her not so happy with the constant stopping.

I figured Jason could pick me up on the way to Boot Camp. I didn't mention this to him, and he decided to go in early...

Which meant Grace and I needed to run home.

And that is how my 3.2 mile run turned into a half marathon.

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