Friday, January 04, 2013

I did it! I really, really did it!

I've always wanted to do a Polar Plunge!
This year I finally got the chance to do one AND I got to do it with a bunch of my awesome friends:)

I honestly thought I would have to beg people to jump with me, but it turned out that once I started planning it almost everyone wanted to do it *cough*cough* Amy *cough*cough.

First we did a 5k run.  Chrissy and her husband Josh went awesomely out of their way to make it amazing.  Chrissy planned and marked the route with flour arrows before we started.  Josh started a huge fire for us to warm up next to afterwards. He hates running but was willing to do the Plunge.
Mike, Scott and I after the run but before the Plunge.  did I mention it was 22 degrees outside?

All lined up and ready to jump!

I had to watch the video to figure out what I was doing with my hands here...turns out I need two hands to count to three:)

What was truly amazing was how fast we were all able to get out of the water! That and that Scott chose to SWIM to the shore.

Me, Josh, Angela, Alice, Deborah, and even CHRISSY post jump!

It was just so much fun to get to do this with my friends!  We were at Josh's Aunt and Uncle's house and even though they didn't know any of us, they rolled out the red carpet and treated us like kings and queens.  As Chrissy put it...we had the "Hilton experience" for our plunge.

They let us use their pier for jumping, their house for changing, they let us use their dry sauna, had hot chocolate for us after as well as a full breakfast spread.  It was amazing:)

If you're interested here is some video of us jumping:)


Amy N. said...

I stand by my choice. Looks like you guys had a good time though!

Scott B Sipp said...

It was awesome!!!!!

Scott B Sipp said...

It was awesome!!!!!