Saturday, February 02, 2013

Weakness Leaving the Body

Amy ditched me and ran with Randy yesterday for her long run.  I couldn't go with them because I had to work.

Plus, there were moments of sun.


On my rest day.

This morning I got to sleep in and join Wear Blue: Run to Remember for their group run and Social Saturday this morning!

I really enjoy running with this group.  Their energy and positive message are just amazing.

What they do is wear blue, and dedicate each of their runs to fallen and fighting soldiers.  They read out the names of the soldiers who have recently died and they place small flags with their names along the route.

It could be totally depressing, but they manage to make it a wonderful run, filled with family and friends.

I planned on running their 6 mile route, but it turned out that Chrissy, Reed, George, Deborah, and Drew all were planning on doing the 3 mile route so I joined them instead.  My friend Mike is training for his upcoming marathon so he had 14 miles and joined some runners training for the Tacoma Marathon.

I had a great time!


There is always a but...

Since I didn't do a Long Run, coupled with the fact that I got my butt handed to me at last weeks Speed Work out with Rich I decided I needed to actually start my New Years Resolution to add more Strength Training to my week.

Welcome to...

Otherwise known as SUPER HARD.

I went with super sets of 3 minutes because I want to be able to walk tomorrow.

I've also been having trouble with super stiff hips so I decided to add a Yoga program that was supposed to help stretch them out.

I hate Yoga.  I'm super bad at it.

It also showed me that I really need to do it.

Yay, progress!

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Amy N. said...

I didn't just ditch you...come on. You were glad to go to R2R instead! Sounds like you had a great weekend!