Thursday, January 10, 2013


January is a hard month to run in.

I thought December was but I was wrong.

It rains almost everyday and my shoes don't dry out in time for my next run.

Luckily I have some awesome friends who meet me and run in the cold rain so I haven't had to run alone.

In other news we won 4th place in Trivia on Tuesday which only means something because they gave us a $5 gift card...probably out of pity.

We're really bad at Trivia.

I think my motivation is fluctuating because I haven't set any clear goals for the year.  I find that if I'm not working TOWARDS something then I want to sit on my butt a lot more and watch TV while eating.

I know I want to run in the Newport OR marathon in June.

I'm really hoping for a BQ this year (Boston Qualifying time), but I'm a little worried because I got slower these past few months and I really need to get FASTER to make that goal.

I am running the Resolution Run for Heros 10K on Saturday but not racing it. Which just means I'm not planning on running so fast that I become uncomfortable and maybe dry heave at the end.

Unless...I think I could win something.

Yep.  I only want to try unless I think I can win.

Or, if I decide that there is that ONE person that I have to beat...because that actually happens a lot.

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Amy N. said...

It's a change of mindset to focus on one or two races instead of having a busy race calendar. It's a different kind of motivation. And I agree, it's hard when my first A-race seems so far away!