Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Newport, OR

I have to admit that this Marathon training cycle has been less than what I have enjoyed in the past.

How's that for P.C?

I was struggling with my overall pace on almost every run when I started, so I KNOW I have improved  immensely since February.  I'm making all my pace goals, which should make me pretty happy...and I guess it does.

Oh, and I started taking my Iron supplements again so that helps tons.

But I miss the enthusiasm I've enjoyed in past races.

I might get shot for saying this, but I actually enjoy training for races:)  I think it's fun.

But this training cycle has been more work than I'm used to.  I'm not talking about physical work, although that's not to say that at the end of one of Rich's workouts I'm not happy to sit down for a minute.  I'm talking about mental work.

I like having a set schedule for my training because it takes the decision making out of it for me.  I don't have to wonder "if" or "when" I'll be doing the workout, because I just do it at a certain time.  But this cycle I've had to talk myself into running 50% of the time.

Sometimes even when I'm actually already running.

That. Sucks. Bolts.

Newport Marathon is in a week and half.

I'm not that excited about it.   I miss that.

I also don't feel as fit as I did last year and that worries me.

I'd really like to BQ this year.  I'm worried about those last few miles when I know I'll be running alone and it all comes down to what you have mentally to keep you moving.

I've even put together a play list and I haven't run with headphones since last year's Ultra Ragnar.
( lets you put in your target pace and they tell you which songs will match the BPM - Beats Per Minute to run that pace)

I guess the nice thing is that at this point I know I can't do anything to change how prepared I am.  I did all the workouts, I'm making my goal paces, so it'll happen or it won't.

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