Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finally a little fun!

I have a cold.

A week and half from my marathon and I HAVE A COLD?!

This meant that I probably should have bailed on my midweek run this week, but since I was meeting up with Drew, who I haven't gotten to run with for probably two months AND he's a blast to run with I decided to go running anyway.

The entire drive to South Sound Running (an awesome store, and a "go to" place to meet for a run) I was thinking "WHY are you doing this?"..."This is probably NOT a good idea, Terra".

But I did it anyway.

Guess what?

I had a blast!

Drew is hilarious to run with- he sings to himself while he runs:)
He brought a couple of friends with him who were also fun to run with, even if they didn't also sing to themselves.

I ran faster than I was supposed to, but not so fast to count as a true speed work so it wasn't particularly useful in that way.

But it was FUN!  And I needed some fun in my running.

On top of everything it helped me feel a bit better, AND I didn't even leak snot all over myself while I was running. (That came after)

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