Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ever since I was on Pinterest and found a photo of 4 adults tower planking (with a small dog on top!) I've wanted to try it.

You wouldn't BELIEVE how hard it is to talk people into such an amazing idea!

I almost got Amy to do it at the Run for Rett 5k last weekend. We got this awesome photo before parental duties called. Tyler wasn't sure what we were doing so to show us up, he decided to do push-ups while on the top.

Me on the bottom. Amy and her awesome son Tyler!

I managed to talk another random runner (Hi, Colleen it was great to meet you!) into joining us for a THREE adult tower and Tyler, now that he was a pro at Planking Towers but Amy's other son lost sight of her and panicked a bit so my plans were foiled.  I don't know why he thinks she would ever forget him. Amy is ALWAYS on time or early and has NEVER forgotten him. She's a great mom:)

On Monday after my great speed workout where I beat Amy in the 400 Interval (Self Shout Out!) I met up with Jason as his gym and managed to talk these awesome guys into a FOUR person PLANK!

We did a 3 person plank first and then Deedre wandered by and became our willing victim:)
Sure a few of us could have better form, but what I didn't know at the time was Jon (second tier) actually has a bum knee and was willing to do it anyway!  Deedre was a bit worried about how high up she ended up being.  You can't see it but she needed a chair to climb up on my back.

JC on the bottom, Jon, Me, Deedre!

PLUS!  Jason brought home fresh Lychee for me!  I've already eaten 1.25 lbs today.
It's like all my dreams are coming true at once:) 


Amy N. said...

I'll forgive you for beating me at speed just because you called me a good Mom.

I just fake it for the pictures. ;)

Your 4 person plank is awesome.

Terra said...

Isn't it?! JC as the base is planking over 400lbs if you don't count his own weight!