Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dirty Dash 2013!

Last year I was able to go to a local "mud run" called The Dirty Dash.  I had already done The Warrior Dash and had a great time so I jumped at the chance to run through the mud with friends. It was awesome...We had a group of 16+ people running with us!
Dirty Dash 2013- The Flinstone/Dino year!

I'm usually pretty lame when it comes to costumes. I worry it will be uncomfortable and I KNOW I won't want to run clutching props through the whole thing. Then I get to the event and see all the awesome costumes other runners came up with and feel left out.
My awesome costume!
When Deborah came up with our theme this year (Flinstones/Dinosaurs) I procrastinated until right before the event (as in I made my costume at midnight the night before).  But I think I looked awesome!  Thanks to my favorite resource I found an awesome simple costume idea that I was pretty sure I would be willing to run in.  A Dino Tail!

There is a whole story about sewing the tail(s) that I'll get into later.

We met up to car pool to the event and hand out packets and generally get amped about the race.

Jason wasn't able to make the race, so Chrissy's husband Josh used his bib# (transfers were allowed) and Michele's husband wasn't able to use HIS bib so my friend Heather was able to come too!

Since she was added to our group at 10:30pm the night before she didn't have a costume, but not to worry!  I happened to have an oversized leopard print dress that I bought at a thrift store!  We threw it over her head and then everyone laughed at me because I pulled out scissors so we could make the hem more "cavewoman".  I've kind of gotten known for having random stuff in my bag.

Off we went!  My tail was awesome.  I had stuffed it with plastic grocery bags (because it occurred to me that regular stuffing would turn into a 20lb weight after it got wet) so when we crossed a river/pond it floated behind me just like a real dino/aligator tail!

After that it was ON!  Devon (Michele's son) George and I have an ongoing mud battle.
Heather and I during the run.  My tail isn't green anymore and I think I ate a lot of dirt.

If you think I look muddy, you should have seen Devon!
Michele and Devon post race!

My friend Lisa ran with us as well.  It was her first mud run and her reaction was hilarious! 
I asked her if she was having fun and she said "I knew it would be dirty, but I didn't realize it would be THIS dirty!"

We were FILTHY.  Devon, George and I were covered in mud by the second obstacle.  By half way through the course my friends were having trouble spotting me because of my amazing chameleon like abilities and the thick layer of mud covering me head to toe:)

(Courtesy of Devon and George ganging up on me! That's right, it took BOTH of them to take me down!)

Other runners were laughing at me because I started using my shirt as an apron to load up on mud so I could throw it at the two of them in between the mud pits.

Everyone had a blast and were glad they came but poor Lisa hurt her wrist on the first obstacle  (she didn't say a word until after the race).  I went over to watch her kids while she had it looked at, at the E.R.  We were all afraid that she might have broken it.  But it is "just" a bad sprain!

They sent her home with pain meds that made her a very happy lady:)  (They didn't last when she woke up to two of her kids puking all over the bed and her in the middle of the night, but...)
Another photo, so you can see how adorable Deborah and I are in our costumes!

I thought I'd add this one, because Wade, Amanda and Kia rocked THEIR costumes so hard!

And to finish it off with a semi "normal" photo:)
I never remember she's not as tall as I am:)

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