Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do I get a do over?

It's no secret that I didn't have a ton of fun during my last marathon training cycle, but live and learn, right?

Right after I finished the Newport Marathon I tried to not kick myself too badly over running "the best I have have, but not as fast as I wanted to"...

Then I saw the website for the Little Lite Marathon!

September 15th, 2013

The best part is that I get a left over medal from the Light of the End of the Tunnel Marathon!

Actually the best part is that the course is slight downhill...and a BQ course.

Yesterday was my first day of Marathon Training. A Speed Workout of course:)

While I was waiting for Amy & Heather to show up I met this little guy
His name is Daniel and he LOVES you!

I've never seen him before, but he was SO happy to see me!  He is some kind of beagle mixed full of wiggles.

We started with some awesome drills.  Amy said that in her head she looks amazing doing drills.  I am under no such delusions.
"B" Skips
If these were "High Knees" I would be amazing...but they aren't.  They are "B" Skips.  But look how well I point my toes to the sky!

Amy was taking a recovery week after the Seattle Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon so she had time to take photos of me while I did my Mile Repeats. I usually look all squashed in my photos.  My elbow is nice and far back, but my shoulders are still looking kind of stiff BUT I think I'm improving!

My workout was 3 X 1600 with 1:00 RI  Goal pace: 7:02  (for a marathon goal of 3:40)

Warm up mile: something or other.

1. 6:43
2. 6:56
3. 6:59

At the time of the workout I was aiming for a 6:51 mile, because that's what I had in my phone for the 3:35 marathon, but I'm happy with my times even if they ARE positive splits.

It's hard running a workout alone, and the first Speed Workout of a training cycle is always a bit rough around the edges.


Amy N. said...

Hey, you weren't completely alone! I did the last lap and a half with you!

Terra said...

That's true! It would have been even MORE positive of a split if you hadn't:)