Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tempo Run and more Dirty Dash photos!

Today was my first Tempo run for my marathon training.  It was also the day the official photos from Dirty Dash were posted!
The slip in Slide was awesome!
My run can be described with one word.


2 Miles Warm up
8:36, 8:16
3 Miles with a pace goal of 7:35
7:29, 7:28, 7:26
.5 Mile Cool Down

Finally Negative splits!

For some reason, now that I don't have to run the workouts I'm feeling a lot less negative towards the McMillian training program. If anyone had asked me what I thought about McMillian I would have told you I hated it...which I do.  But now I just feel like telling people that it's "not the program for me".

It's amazing how feelings change when you don't have to deal with the thing that bothers you anymore.

Another photo from Dirty Dash!  All our smiling faces:)

Our Dirty Dash Team!

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Jennifer Haskell said...

I love that slip'n slide photo. Did you find another marathon to try and BQ?