Friday, June 28, 2013

To Hoquiam we go!

The cities out here have such weird names.


It's native american...I think.

I grew up in NC where it took me years to learn how to pronounce "Catawba" which is the county I lived in.  Seriously, like 5 years.  The word is on everything too!

I found out there is a half marathon for $25!  with a MEDAL!

I'm supposed to do an 18 mile long run, but it's TWENTY FIVE dollars!

Soooo...I decided to run to the carpool place, run the race, and then run home.  Problem fixed!

I love Long Runs that I get medals for.

Here's my question though...

Why is it I freak out over a marathon, over thinking my running gear to the point that I pack up to 5 different outfits, and lay all my gear out the night before.


For a half I have to remind myself that I should probably pick out some clothes, so I can sleep in an extra 5 minutes?

It makes no sense to me.

But in honor of Long Runs everywhere, enjoy this video of a kid who can Farmer Blow about as well I can:)


Amy N. said...

Hilarious! That little girl!

Good luck on your half today! I can't decide if I'm glad or sad you didn't tell me about it! ;)

Matthew said...

You lived in Burke county. Hickory was in Catawba county.

Terra said...

In my heart I was in Catawba.