Sunday, June 30, 2013

Food = Winning!

If there are two things in life I love, it's running and food.

Food that comes in the mail in the form of presents is even better!

That's where The Lean Green Bean comes in.

It's this great blog, that organizes monthly Foodie Penpal exchanges!

They send you the contact information for the person you're supposed to send a little goodie package to, and they give YOUR information to someone else who sends YOU treats!

This is what my new friend Katie sent me.  I almost forgot to take a photo before digging in:)

Tasty, Tasty!

Katie clearly loves Trader Joe's, and really why wouldn't you?l

I loved the Popcorners, which are popped corn cakes.  

The Inner Peas are my favorite though!  I don't know why, but they are so tasty.  I'm not huge into potato chip like products, but these are delicious. 

I'm still working on the mixed nuts, but these are fantastic, because there is plenty of chocolate chips mixed in!  They have been a life saver when I forget to eat before a workout. Plus I just like them.

Katie has a fun blog called The Petite Pea and would love it if you popped over and checked it out:)

I'm sorry to say that I forgot to take a photo of what I sent to MY Foodie Penpal but rest assured it was amazing as well.

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