Monday, July 01, 2013

Hoquiam Half Marathon 2013

Kristen, Shawnna, Sheril, ME, Chrissy
Chrissy and Sheril organized our outfits for the occasion.  Hulaskirts and lei's.  Chrissy brought it up a notch with a pineapple bottle that she filled with Sobe Pina Colada as well as rocking a snorkel mask for the ENTIRE race!  We gave High Fives out like they were FREE! and became known as the party girls, even though it was CLEAR we were Hula Girls.

In other news I almost died of heat stroke at my half marathon this weekend.

Not really, but it was really hot.  I would also like to take this moment to give my trusty Fuel Belt a shout out.  It's been almost 10 years since my dad gave me my belt with the excuse that it was too small for him.  Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Seriously though, I wear it on almost all my long runs, as well as in races because you never know what will happen.  Sometimes I get tunnel vision and miss water stops, and sometimes the race doesn't have them where I need them.  Even though I had a blast at the Hoquiam Half it was rough that their first water stop wasn't until almost 6 miles in.

One problem was we've had really mild weather, so no is used to running in the sun and heat.  Add that to the fact that the course was almost completely without shade...I ended up giving the runner next to me one of my bottles and telling them to just leave it at the registration table when he finished.

I also stopped and told a race official they needed to get water out on the course because there was going to be people in trouble.  It was great, though, the volunteers had water pistols, and the people I told about the water sprung into action and started driving the course and giving runners bottles of water immediately.

I was kind of excited, because even though this was a small local race, I realized that I was the second overall female by about mile...THREE!  Unfortunately the lady in front of me was ahead by quite a bit. Which was sad because even though this was small race they had a lovely engraved glass pillar as the award for the First Female...and I wanted it!

But then, at the first water station I arbitrarily decided this place was the perfect place to turn around and run back. No one TOLD me I was supposed to turn around I just did. And because I heard $25 I signed up without ever looking at the course.

I heard some high pitched screaming behind me but didn't immediately put that together with the fact that the noise was directed at ME.  Which meant I ran about three city blocks out of my way and LOST MY LEAD!

Worse, I let the arbitrary runner I had decided earlier was the person I wanted to beat GET IN FRONT OF ME!

So instead of giving myself heat stroke trying to make up so much distance I decided to have fun.  I MAYBE, MIGHT have an awesome jump shot from the race photographer!  They haven't posted yet, so I don't know.

I was kind of dinking around talking to other runners when I realized I felt fine and started running at a comfortable pace...and passing all those people who snuck by me earlier!

Did I mention it was really hot?  It was.
This is after the race and I wanted some shade on my face, but the sun felt nice on my legs.

At the REAL turn around the volunteer had a water pistol so I asked him to shoot me...then I spotted his refill bucket and helped myself. Blessed cold water on my face, blessed cold water on my head.  He laughed at me, but who's laughing now!?

The Chrissy jump shot!
It amazes me how much easier it is to run, when you know you're running back to your car.  Miles seem so much shorter when you know you're going home:)

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