Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A little Speed, a little Tempo and a lot of HEAT!

It's the second week of my marathon training and nature decided that this is the time to roll in a heat wave to the Pacific Northwest!

I MEANT to wake up early on Monday and do my workout at around 6:30 a.m.

I didn't.

I am NOT a morning person...which makes Long Runs doubly painful somedays.

So instead I sat around sweating and thinking "I really need to get up early tomorrow...I don't want to wake up early."

I ended up sucking it up and going to the track at about 7:30p.m.  At first I didn't think it was that hot anymore, but it's amazing how much hotter it gets when you're running really fast (for me) in circles.

It was a doozy of a workout too.

Warm up mile

2 X 1200 (2 RI) Goal time 5:10
4 X 800 (2 RI)  Goal time 3:23

1. 5:15, 5:08
2. 3:24, 3:23, 3:23, 3:25

It was quite warm.  In fact Heather was willing to join me but we thought it would be too hot to run before 8pm and she couldn't work into her I ended up running alone.

I can do anything for one lap...even if that means a couple more laps.

Today Amy, Heather and I headed out for my Tempo run.

1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 7:50

It was still pretty hot, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

1. 8:44, 7:31, 7:33, 7:38, 7:32.

Yeah, we cut it a mile short.  It was really hot.  Did I mention that yet?

I also took two breaks.  I'll be honest, I was having trouble understanding my bio feedback today.
Tempo is kind of uncomfortable anyway, although a 7:50 pace isn't bad.  Add in the heat (and a little knee pain) and I couldn't decide if it was just too hot to be running that fast or if I was being wussy.

After the run, Amy, Heather and I did 8 minute abs while lying on the floor of South Sound Running.
Because, that's how we roll!

Oh, and then I climbed a rope and hung upside down.


Amy N. said...

Um, I totally want to try that rope thing now.

Amy N. said...

Also, I can't believe you didn't mention your bike you've been waiting to get for months or the ultra ragnar.

Terra said...

I'm getting to that!