Friday, July 05, 2013

I finally got a bike!

When I moved to WA four years ago I decided I wanted a bike.  Mostly because all the places I went too were within a mile or two of my apartment and it just seemed lazy to be driving everywhere.

It's not all that hard to run to the store, but it IS hard to run back while holding things or wearing a backpack.

I asked for a bike for my birthday...because I'm five years old and I'm cheap.

I didn't get it.

Amy's husband Vaughn is a cyclist and loves to stalk craigslist for bikes for people.  I asked him to put me on the waiting list:)

He found a bike, but I ended up losing out to Amy's sister:(

He found another bike about 4 weeks ago and we thought it was going to work, but it turns out that my legs belong to someone about 5'2" BUT I'm 5'4".  This means I have short stumpy little legs and an abnormally long torso, which makes it hard to fit me to a bike.

Amy and I posing before our mini bike ride.
It was SO disappointing.  Particularly since I got to ride it before we (Vaughn) decided it was just too big for me.

Back on the waiting list.

BUT THEN...he found another bike! He even took time out of his day to meet me with the seller to make sure it worked just for me:)

AND I got it for much less than Retail.  I HATE paying Retail.  It hurts my soul.

I love my bike.  I haven't even fallen once or anything.

AND this means I'll get to try my first tri this year.  I'll be doing the one Amy did last year.


Amy N. said...

The bike you almost got was completely the wrong size, even without your short legs. It was listed as the wrong size and was closer to Vaughn's size than ours.

I'm glad you love your bike and I'm glad you're doing the tri with me this year! Hooray!

Vaughn said...
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Vaughn said...

And for those who care. It is a Trek 1000 WSD. The WSD stands for "woman specific design", which means the geometry better matches a woman. Narrower handle bars, shorter stem, different seat. Oh, and they paint it purple.