Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I ran yesterday.

I ran yesterday.  I know.  Try to hold in your astonishment.

I met up with another running friend of mine for my speed workout.

3 X (2 X 1200, 2:00 rest) 4:00 minutes between each set.

When I started it was 60 degrees.

When I finished it was 70.

Other than that it wasn't so bad.


So, I can't find where I put my Garmin.

(Everyone who has ever read this blog or knows me even slightly is just shocked to hear this)

I decided to use my old Garmin 101.

The batteries were dead.

So I decided to go "old school" and just time my Intervals with my phone.

I've decided to not ever do that again.

It's really awkward to hold something in your hand while you try and run fast.  It's also hard to not accidentally pause it while you're running.

Then, THAT makes it hard to not smash it with a hammer!

I actually only paused it once and that was at the end of the first Interval.  I DELETED THE ENTIRE WORKOUT at the end of the last Interval.

Luckily I'm great about remembering useless information such as my split times.

It helped that they were all basically the same.

My goal time was 5:10 for each Interval and I managed to squeak that out each time, except the last one at 5:17.

I also did 8 minute Abs.

Amy would be proud:)

1 comment:

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

You and your garmin have quite the interesting relationship.

Maybe you lost it for real this time and you can buy a new one!!