Monday, July 29, 2013

Long Runs and Virtual Runs!

I had another 20 miler to run this weekend, and remembering my LAST 20 mile run, I decided to try and line up extra running buddies.

But despite my best work all my regulars were busy.

Heather was sleeping or something because she took her son and his friend to a water park on 2 hours of sleep the day before.

Ryan was running Olympia Traverse later than morning.

Amy said she was up for 8 miles at 9am.

Chrissy, Jennifer, Kristen and Bobbie were all able and willing to meet me at SSR at 8 am for 6 miles.  We don't really run at the same pace, but we all signed up for the waiting list for a virtual run hosted by Moms Run This Town. We chose to run a 10K.

In order to make my start time with my fellow racers I had to START running at 7am.

Mornings are so painful.

I ran 6 miles before I met up with them for the 10K.  I thought I would give my playlist on my phone another try.  I'm a little worried about the last 6 miles at my upcoming marathon.  Those are the HARDEST miles and since my plan of having Drew pace me has failed. (He's in the Army and will be in something called "Selection", which is great for him, but sucks for me)

I need to figure something out.  Music has been shown to improve physical performance by up to 20%.
I would LOVE to be 20% faster!

My running play list failed.  For some reason it would only play Rihanna's latest album.  I went to my old non-running playlist because I like those songs.

I DON'T like running to those songs.

They weren't the right BPM and it made everything feel harder than it should have, and the music was really loud in my ears (even when I turned it down) so I finally gave up and just put it away.

I feel kind of stupid that I can't get a simple playlist to work.  This really feels like user error to me.

Oh, and Amy texted me somewhere in those miles to tell me she was really dehydrated from all her Girls Camp fun and was feeling woozy.  Disappointing but not a surprise. I had texted her about something else the night before at 9:30pm and she told me she wasn't even home or showered yet.
It's hard to get up and run the very next day after getting home from a trip.

Plus, she isn't even really training for anything right now.  She's still looking for her "A" 5k race, for her sub 20 min 5k goal.

The run with Chrissy, Jennifer, Kristen and Bobbie was really fun and really helped break up the monotony of the long run.
Pre 10K race.  Kristen, Jennifer, Bobbie, Me, Chrissy
Chrissy also lent me her water belt because I have lost mine.  I think I might have left it on the team van at Ragnar.  But who knows.  I can't find it anywhere.  It WAS almost 10 years old, so I guess I got my money out of it:)

Then 8 miles on my own...

It wasn't that bad.  Although around mile 17 it felt like I had been running FOREVER.  I usually finish 20 milers in about 3 hours, but that day, due to the stoping and starting it took me about 4.  My moving average was 9:12 all said and done.  Which is exactly what my goal pace has supposed to be have been all along for runs this long.

I saw this bus at mile 18.  I just HAD to stop and take a photo!


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I felt so bad about ditching you again! But it would not have been smart for me to go running right then! I spent the entire day hydrating and still had a hard time during my run that evening. I lost my water bottle for most of Friday and by the end of the day my lips hurt which is always a bad sign.

I hope you find your water belt soon!!

Terra said...

Well, I COULD have given you an "out" the night before, but didn't because I wanted the company. I also could have told you "Oh, no...just stay home and hydrate and feel better. Don't worry about me. We both know I'll be fine."

But I didn't.

I just said "let me know" and hoped that your guilt would get the better of you so I wouldn't have to run alone:)

Well, I guess I also said "have fun with your kids!"

That might count for something.