Friday, July 26, 2013

Pinterest and Yogurt

Earlier this year I decided to start actually making some of the stuff I electronically hoard on my Pinterest Boards.

If you don't know what Pinterest is, you've been living under a rock!

It's awesome!

It's like the Google of DIY projects.

I find my soups for Soup Swap there, and this weekend I'm bringing some Marinades to our July Random Food Swap.

It's never failed me...

My husband Jason has developed a taste for yogurt.  He buys tons of those little individual serving containers of it.  The thing is, they are FULL of sugar! (And chemicals, but whatever).

I also hate to throw away all those little containers.  They aren't really recyclable.  Plus, after reading "Garbology" Written by Edward Humes I can't pretend that if I can recycle it, it doesn't count as garbage.

(Yes.  I'm kind of a hippy.  I recycle, make my own yogurt, bread, socks (soon!) and upcycle old clothes.  Running Buddy Amy just loves it. Particularly when I'm talking about it on a Long Run and she can't escape.)

What to do, what to do?

I decided to learn how to make my own yogurt. (And pray that it didn't turn out like my effort to make my own mozzarella cheese).

First I looked up "Yogurt DIY" on

Then I chose the link with the prettiest cover photo:

It totally worked!

I ended up using a full gallon of milk, thinking it would consolidate in the process...which it didn't. So Jason and I had almost a full gallon of fresh Plain Yogurt!

Exciting looking isn't it?

This is one of THREE QUARTS I ended up with.

I put plums in this one.  Worked like a charm!

I liked it.  Add a kiwi, strawberry or some blueberries and you've got a yummy cup of yogurt.

Jason said he tried it (I didn't see him eat any so I'm not convinced) "It doesn't taste like anything".  I pointed out you just add some fruit and now you have a healthy yogurt with over 50% less sugar but I'll be honest....

He still buys his little cups of yogurt.

Through sheer tenacity I do plan on winning this little contest of wills though. You just wait and see!

Jason is extremely uncomfortable eating things that didn't come from a grocery store.  I made him try Raw Milk once and he thought he was going to get Salmonella.  He also said it tasted "Cheesy".  Last night while we were on a walk I was picking and eating a local wild berry (Thimbleberries) and he was sure I was just picking random poisonous berries and sticking them in my mouth.

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