Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stand Up Paddleboarding

I have some great friends out here.

They like DOING stuff! Fun stuff!

Geocaching...(even the same day of running a marathon)


Rock/wall climbing

Gardening (Even though they don't really like it)

And Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Chrissy, Sharil and I met up for a lunch date of SUPing two weeks ago.  I had done it once with my mom about three years ago and Chrissy and Sharil had never done it.

We saw jellyfish, that weren't dead or in an aquarium...we saw a seal that was hanging out in the Port of Olympia.  It wouldn't let us near enough to really see it though.

I loved it!  I want to go back and do it again.
I had Sharil slide in under me while I was making a bridge on my hands and feet but if you'll notice I'm facing the WRONG direction for a two person plank!

I wanted to do a 3 person plank but Chrissy said "NO" emphatically.  Luckily for me Sharil isn't afraid of a little water like Chrissy is;) (Chrissy is a Biologist who hates the beach- go figure)

Do you notice how far under the water the back of the board is?  That's because I didn't factor into my plan how much two grown women weigh...

I'll be honest, it got off to a little of a rocky start, but thanks to my constant reassurance of "We're Ok"..."Don't worry about that alarm, we're Ok!"  We made it!

Tada! Two person plank on a SUP board!  We're also famous now, because Urban Kayaking used this photo on their Facebook page.  This dock is next to a restaurant with a deck, so all people enjoying their lunch were cheering for us!

We also got a video to make sure all the awkwardness was captured.  The guy you hear in the background was one of the staff.  He did a great job!

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