Monday, July 15, 2013

Nothing can stop me!

It's hotter than normalish out here right now.

By that I mean it was 80 degrees today and the sun was shining.

I met running buddy Heather at Timberline HS to run our(my) speed workout for the week.

I was prepared for it to be roasting hot and to be one step away from heat stroke the entire time, but I was pleasantly surprised that it really didn't seem all that unbearable.  There was even kind of a breeze.

You know you're a runner when you appreciate a head wind in the summer:)

My workout was 2 (6 X 400) 1:30 RI, 2:30 between sets, and my goal pace was 1:39 (6:38)

1:37, 1:40, 1:33, 1:33, 1:35, 1:36, 1:38, 1:34, 1:36, 1:33, 1:35, 1:37

I actually had a fantastic time!  Sure, I could have been a bit more even in pacing my Repeats, but I'm still pretty darn happy with them!

I had to laugh at myself a bit though.  On one of the repeats I just kind of decided that I had completed the 400 meters early and started slowing down a few feet before the end.  I have no idea why. 

Done!  This looks like a good spot to stop?

There was a mother and her Air Force son on the track at the same time and as we were all finishing up she asked me "So...are you, like, a REAL runner?"

It made me laugh, because aren't we all asking ourselves that question?  "Am I a "real" runner"?

Do you mean, do I run?  Yep! Sure do!

Do you mean, do I get paid to run?  Nope. I actually pay other people to let me run:)

Do you mean, do I run for a team? Again. Nope.  I come out on a hot day and run in circles over and over again because I CHOOSE to do it for FUN. And I talk my friends into doing it with me.

This is what fun feels like!

Also, I really like to eat.

I've kind of gotten known for how much and how often I eat...and how much food I pack with me at all times.  Just in case I get hungry.  You're laughing now, but you know I have a snack when you get hungry!

"You pack enough food in your bag to feed a family of 12" ~ Josh Gourley

Tip of the day~Imagine you're holding a potato chip with your fingers and don't want to break it. That way you won't clench your hands as you run.

This works for me, because I remember anything involving food.

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

My kids always know you'll have a snack too. That doesn't mean they'll like it.

It is kind of funny to think about how seriously we take running FOR NO REASON!