Saturday, August 24, 2013

Runs and Friends

There's nothing quite like training for a marathon alone to make you appreciate your friends more than ever.

When I decided to run a second marathon this year in my never ending efforts to get a Boston Qualifying time I knew I would probably be doing a lot of training alone.

I didn't realize how lonely it would get.

Training for a marathon takes a lot of time and if you're NOT training for a marathon WHY would you want to do some of these workouts!?

10 X 400 meters...oh, that sounds like fun!

BUT I have some fantastic friends.

Friends willing to run my speed workouts even though they aren't training for anything.  They'll even run my Tempo's with me.

Friends who will get up at the crack of dawn to ride a bike and slow peddle next to me for 10 miles so I won't have to run all 15 alone.

Friends who will run 6 miles with me with no notice so I won't have to run all 20 miles alone.

A dad who can't run with me, so instead he bikes next to me for THREE HOURS so I don't have to do 20 miles alone...on a greenway 2.5 miles long...

That last one was H.A.R.D.  it was my last day in NC and I knew I was missing out on family time with my mom and sisters.  I'm pretty sure I would have ditched it or at least cut the distance WAY down if he hadn't come out with me.

BUT spending 3 hours, just me and my dad?  That is actually pretty nice.

It's not often we get that much uninterrupted time together, and I loved it.

Having my dad voluntarily biking next to me for HOURS, even though he always has more things to do than time to do them in, meant a lot to me and really highlighted how many awesome people I have in my life.

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