Wednesday, August 28, 2013

River Tubing!

When I was around 10 years old my Girl Scout troop, or maybe it was a Home schooling group? - It doesn't matter- went River Tubing.  My dad took the day off and went as a chaperone.  It was loads of fun and lasted for hours.

At one point we had to get around a small bridge and when I jumped off it I cut my knee on a rock. I didn't tell anyone at the time, but I still have the scar:)

Fun times!

My latest trip home to North Carolina had us enjoying another River Tubing trip!  It felt a little odd at first because you just "sit" in your tube and float down the river...I'm a little more used to more active, activities if you will.

I got used to it:)
I forgot to put sunblock on my legs. BUT I did manage to get the cooler connected to my tube.

River Tubing involves sitting in a tube and floating down a river. We brought lunch with us, so it also involved eating while floating. A hard days work.

Macaroons are delicious no matter where you are!

My sweet nice- code name "Dandelion" 
Dandelion decided to go with the deluxe tube option.

Two more nieces - code name - Star and Isabee

My dad.  No he's not naked, you just can't see his swim trunks.
You CAN see his busted thumb from dropping 250lbs on it.
My dad had no trouble at all grasping the "sit back and relax" mind set of the day. For someone as busy as he is, he sure knows how to just "chill".
My brother Matt- code name - Awesome!
My brother?...not so much.  He figured out within about 2 seconds he could travel faster if he laid belly down and used both arms as paddles. He also took charge on directing our little posse down the river. There wasn't much a line for this job since it was a lot of hard paddling and involved getting your shoes wet- which I didn't want to do since I needed to go running later.

Love you Matt! 

Someone lost their tube!
 Star and Isabee with Dandelion all decided it was more fun OUT of their tubes, despite the fact that the river water was a bit brisk...
Dandelion, Star and Isabee all spent the first portion of the day IN the river.
Children  have no nerve endings.

Matt is not a child and felt the cold river water to his bones.
I do promise he had fun.  Just not at this precise moment.

Did I mention the water was cold? It was.  And Matt was very wet from retrieving the girls and their tubes earlier on. (They had gotten stuck on a rock or a branch or whatever).

It was a great day and I had loads of fun! I also got terribly sunburnt from not putting on any sunblock.
There was also a pet pig that had sparkly toenail polish.

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Sounds like two pairs of shoes would have solved that problem.

Looks like a blast. Family bonding time is always an activity. I want to go now!