Saturday, December 28, 2013

Seattle Lock Fat Ass Half Marathon 2013

A couple of months ago one of my friends posted a link on facebook about a Full and Half Marathon that was FREE and had a MEDAL.

My two most favorite words.

I promptly reposted the link on my facebook page and wrote my favorite words in all caps.

The Seattle Lock Fat Ass Marathon and Half Marathon.

My friend Chrissy and I wondered what the race director though when approximately 20 people from Olympia registered with in one hour.

A few people had to cancel their registration due to various reasons. (Poor Bobbie got the stomach flue the night before!)

But bright and early this morning we gathered together to drive up to Seattle and have a wonderful time running together.  We managed to stuff 7 adults into one car...we even had seat belts for everyone.

Let me tell you, Steve Walters and his crew put on amazing races...and the post race food table?
AMAZING!  Anything under the sun that might tickle your fancy? They had it.

Left to Right: Cody, Diane, Jennifer, Michele, Amy, Chrissy, Christianne, Heather, and ME! There was also Carrie, Karen, , Rudy, Joe, Nikki, Angela and her husband who is VERY nice but I'm blanking on his name, Janna and her friends Krystal and HER guy, whom I'm blanking on as well.
Shout out! Jennifer got a Half Marathon PR! Even with the stop lights:)

The course was well marked and the aid station at the turn around had M&M's, Cookies, Red Vines and blue Gatorade and water. Perfect. Thank you Joe's Daughter (whom I have met and run with several times, but can't remember her name).

I had a great time running with running buddy Heather again.  It's been too long!  We had the chance to catch up and ran at a great pace. Even though the last mile was a steady up hill.:)

I thought about walking up the last steep hill since there wasn't any real reason other than my pride that I kept running...but my pride turned out to be a pretty good reason.  People were watching after all.

I could also see the marathoners and knew they had to run up that same hill twice. I figured I could get myself up it at least once.

It was the perfect day for a run. Not too cold, not too hot. No wind and and just a peek of sunshine:)

most of all it was just a fantastic day to run with friends. 

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