Friday, December 27, 2013

Polar Punge!

Next Wednesday is going to be EPIC!

It's year two for our Polar Plunge 5k.  This year there are even medals.

Chrissy is the best.  She took last years "get together" and made it awesome.  She marked a great course, and got us all little medals from the dollar store and found us the best place to do our plunge:)

Her husband Josh was great too.  He put up with a bunch crazy runners and video taped the fun while having family that let a bunch of strangers jump off their pier and invade their house:) He even jumped!

This year, Chrissy upped the game and found us real shiny medals that SPIN!

And Josh's family gave permission to have 30 runner/jumpers!

Last year I thought I would have to beg 10 people to run/jump with me but it turns out I am in great company out here.  Runners are a little cracked in the head...for FUN!

THIS year we filled up and there are still people who want to be in on this amazing time.

I've said it before and I've I"ll say it again.  I've got some amazing friends:)

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