Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Keep it smooth.

Sometimes you've got it all coming together and sometimes you don't.

That's how running goes.

Last night I had my speed workout and Amy was off having fun with snow, sledding and family.  Martinho has been having some I.T Band issues so he's being conservative on his track work, so I was afraid I was going to be running it alone.

I shouldn't have worried though.

Running Buddies Unite!

Cody, Julie and another runner (I can't remember his name!) joined me at the dark track for 1000 meter Repeats.

My goal was 4:09 elapsed time (I don't bother with per minute pace on the track anymore because of the inaccuracy of the Garmin and the Satellites going in those little circles. We found that out the hard way)

My Repeat times were:

4:28, 4:01, 4:19, 3:55, 4:20

I've been running my training runs faster than I'm supposed to, so I've been thinking/worried about not being able to sustain those efforts.  I know it's not all about what you can do THAT DAY, but instead what you can do long term.

I don't think that was my issue last night though.  My legs felt good the whole time, I just wasn't pacing myself correctly. Those slow/fast/slow times show me that I had it in me...I just need to keep the effort even and not get distracted while I'm running.

The skies were clear though, and I had a fun time, which is even more important to me.  If it becomes a trend I'll start to worry:)

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