Monday, January 20, 2014

Tuck and Roll...It's a life skill.

Week #3 of marathon training...DONE!

I'll be honest, as excited as I am to run the Boston Marathon, the realization that I would be training through some of the grossest weather the Pacific Northwest has to offer did not excite me.

But it's actually been pretty nice so far. I also have a really short memory so the discomfort of cold wet wind in my face from last week has pretty much faded.

This past weekend I had 17 miles to run and awesome friends to run with.  Randy and Amy were willing to take the early shift.  I'm lucky that it's pretty much Amy's only choice since her husband Vaughn has a team bike ride at...sometime?  Randy is apparently one of "those" people who like getting up early. Weirdo.

Drew said he would take the later shift, because he's normal and knows that there is almost nothing better than sleep.

Heather bowed out this week, since it was her last night shift and she hadn't slept in 25 hours.  She's a nurse and likes to do her own marathons. I figured she could get a free pass this week;)

It was cold. VERY cold. But it wasn't raining so none of us cared. (Maybe Drew did since he was wearing shorts). I started off the run by disregarding the planned route I sent Amy the night before and going the wrong way...It was fine though.

Amy disregarded common sense and ate fast food the night before:)  Yeah, that came back on her.
She ended up taking a kinda short cut (meaning she didn't really run much less than us in the end) because she was having tummy "troubles".  We all know the kind.

I was having a great day though!  I totally ignored my goal pace even more than I was planning to and ended up averaging an 8:02.  Our splits were all over the place though:) It was kind of a hilly route.

Dropped off Randy, and picked up Drew and off we went into the fog.  Did I mention how seriously foggy it was?

Oh, yeah...

I took a wrong turn - I think it was where Drew actually asked if we were supposed to turn and I told him "no".

So instead of an 8 mile route we ran 9.6, so instead of a 17 mile run I ran 18.6.  Drew started laughing around mile 9.5 about how I told him "hey, lets run 8 miles'll be fun!"

And I rolled my ankle because I wasn't looking where I was running:)

It was fine though, I felt fine! Did a few one foot bounces and ran a bit on it and was right as rain:)

Tuck and Roll...It's a life skill.

All in a Long Run!

(Next first 20 Miler of the year!)


Scott B Sipp said...

You are doing Awesome Keep up all the hard work!!!!

Makko Pethuntress said...

You are amazing, and always just wonderful to be around. Thank you for the multitudes of encouragements you have brought in my life when I ran in here in WA. Come to Hawaii one day!