Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clear skies and fast feet! It's Tempo night!

I have to say, that if feels AMAZING to be running these days.

Everything is coming together for some awesome runs.  Sure it's rained a little, but really the dry weather was just extra this time of year anyway.  But having the opportunity to run with my friends AND feel like I've got wings on my feet?


It's really what makes running so great.

That, and I can eat as many of these as I want. (That's a lie. They are over 100 calories EACH).

Wednesday I met up with the Bonjour Cupcake running group and Randy and I headed off on my Tempo run for the week.  It was DRY with clear skies and a full moon.  It's really gorgeous.

Photo credit to Patrick Dixon

I had 1 mile easy pace, and then 5 miles at 7:58, finishing with 1 easy mile.  About 5 minutes into the run, Jason called me and let me know there armed fugitives at large in the Olympia area and to be careful.

Careful?  Randy is in the Army, which means he's been trained in hand to hand combat (although he's really easy going so it's hard to imagine him busting those skills out).  Not to mention I'm the middle child of 7 kids. 6 girls and 1 boy.  I'm scrappy. Also, since I took Taekwondo when I was 14 years old I think I'm totally ready for anything! (joking!)

In any case I was running so fast those bad guys had no chance of catching me!

My warm up mile was 9:21 counting the phone call from Jason.

7:34: 7:21, 7:25, 7:16, 7:11

So, I totally hit my goal...right?

On a side note, the bathrooms at Heritage Park are even creepier than I remember them being. I never want to go back in there.

Running with Randy is always fun.  Even though I know he's much faster, he never makes me feel slow, even when I'm gushing about paces that are super easy for him. Then we went back to Bonjour and drank water and ate cupcakes and geeked out with the other runners.


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Wow! you guys killed it!

Catherine said...

"Clear skies" is all wrong. It's "Clear EYES". Then, "Full Hearts, CAN'T LOSE!"