Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's so shiny!

I've been lusting after an amazingly cool reflective jacket that the local running store (South Sound Running) has recently stocked.

It's price...$350.00

Even though cars seem to find me practically magnetic, the price is a bit steep.  Last week when we met up for our Long Run, Amy and I were back drooling over the jacket, which is marked down to $250.00.

Still a bit steep. 

My answer was to visit the 'ol Ebay and find Safety Reflective tape that I can iron onto whatever I want!

6 inches wide, and 5 meters worth.  The sky is the limit!

Sure I'm going to share the wealth with my friends but right now, that tape is burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak.

I'm trying to restrain myself from jumping the gun and making a hot mess out of my favorite gear:)

I've been trying to decide what design I want to decorate my running tights with reflective beauty.  I want something cool/pretty but large enough that the reflective nature of the tape is useful. I also need something that looks cool/pretty but isn't so complicated that I turn it into a huge mess.  I think I want the design to go from the front of my upper legs and decrease towards my knees.  Then on the back starting at the top of my calves and decreasing towards my ankles..

At first I thought stars of decreasing size...then I thought snowflakes would be great, but started to worry that, that design was too seasonal.

Welcome to my thought process towards pretty much all my projects.

Then I thought...dandelions!  But then I saw how complicated those are and changed my mind.

Or I could "Stick a Bird on it!"

I'm not a really a "flower" kind of girl, but some of those are nice too.

The bottom line is that I'm going to be putting reflective tape on so many pieces of my running gear!


Jennifer Haskell said...

Do you need clothes to practice on?

Kristen Westlund said...

You have been watching Portlandia.