Thursday, January 09, 2014

New shoes!

I've been noticing for the last few runs that my lovely hot pink Nike Structures are gasping their last breaths.

To be honest, I've been putting off replacing them for a couple of reasons.

1. I like bright colors on my shoes.  If I had been able to get these in the turquoise I WANTED, I'd probably be buried in them.

Chrissy and I at the Geoduck Gallop...with a real live Geoduck! (Pronounced "gooy duck") 

2. I knew that Nike had changed the Structure model and that it no longer works for my dainty runners feet.

3. I didn't want to go in and try and make a decision. (Because I'm lazy)

BUT I really needed new shoes now that I'm starting marathon training.

So I headed off to South Sound Running and put my toosties in their hands (Figuratively.  I don't like people touching my feet, and I'm pretty sure they don't like touching people's feet.)

Dallas was working, which made me happy, because he's fun AND knowledgable!

It's was like Goldielocks and the Many Shoes.

The first pair were too tight (Because, Bunions! Thanks Mom!)

The second pair weren't pretty...

The third pair felt fine, but I wasn't ready to go home with grey shoes, even ones with lime detailing.

So instead I made Dallas bring out another 5 pairs of shoes, before going back to the lime ones.
Nothing fancy. :( He did show me two other color options though

My favorite part was when I was thinking I liked a certain pair, and he just gave me a look and gave the TINIEST negative shake of his head.

Just love him:)

He wasn't going to tell me "NO" but...

Unfortunately after last nights AMAZING Tempo run, I think I have to go back and trade them out.  I felt a little twinge in my lower calf while I was running but it didn't slow me down or do anything painful so I ignored it.

This morning that area is sore:(

Since I have 15 miles this weekend and it was sore after 7 I think I'll make use of South Sound Running's amazing customer service and return policy and make Dallas start all over again.

I think we'll both be happy when I find "the" pair of shoes.

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Catherine said...

FYI I don't think geoducks are that size in the wild. So, I question your use of "real".