Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I Shouldn't Have Said That...

Just the other day I was commenting on what a dry winter we've been having.

In the back of my head a voice was shouting..."Don't say it out loud! You'll jinx it!" it's raining today.

I have my Tempo Run this evening.  It's nothing horrible or anything.  A mile warm up and 5 miles at an 8:12 pace.  Technically I'm supposed to do a mile cool down but chances are low that, that's going to happen.

We're starting and ending at a cupcake shop after all! (Shout out- Bonjour Cupcakes!)

Randy and Heather both said they would come out and run with me, so I'm sure the rain won't even register on our combined levels of awesome.

I'll admit it's a little strange to look at the goal paces and think "no big deal".  I'm used to seeing them and thinking "I'm going to die!"

Of course then I get into the workout and realize that it's still hard work:)

Monday's speed looked like an easy speedy 4 X 800 with 2 minutes recovery.

TWO WHOLE MINUTES! What would I do with all that time?

It turns out I use ALL of that time recovering and the authors kinda know what they're talking about.

I'm still on the fence on what exactly I want to do in Boston.  I really don't think I'll get a PR, or that I even want to try.  I kind of just want to milk the experience for all it's worth! You know, be one of those runners who stop and take photos while they run? :)

Seriously, how do they do that?

My goal paces for a 3:40 marathon were 3:23 for the 800's

My actual paces were

1. 3:21, 3:18, 3:20, 3:20

Yeah, that'll do:)

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