Sunday, January 05, 2014

White Elephant 5 Mile 2014

After I did 8 with Randy, Drew and Amy I ran another 5 with the White Elephant Run.  SUCH a fun race!
It's $5 for pre-registration and if you bring a wrapped gift you get to chose one when you cross the finish line!

For those interested Jesse Stevicks shorts this year were tie died RAINBOW! (He always wears these puffy shorts in weird patterns/colors- think Richard Simmons style)

The winner ran the course in 25:46 for a new course record!  This is NOT a flat course people. Runners amaze me.

I also got my tail whipped by a 9 year old. He ran in with a time of 40:00.  On a normal day I probably could have beat him. I say probably because he might not have been trying all that hard:)  He didn't look sweaty when I saw him.

This race brings out some really good runners in all ages.

I was a little disappointed that the two big Spring marathon training programs held their training info session at the same time as the race. But there you go.

Actually if I had really thought about it, I could have actually tried to race this event and gotten a good placement because the number of registrations were lower due to the meetings. I've looked at the results because I'm a nerd like that and the placement for 2nd and 3rd over all female was all around the 40:00 mark and I can do that!

Behold! One of the worst planned "group" photos I've ever been responsible for.  I thought I did a bad job at last weeks race and wanted to "one up" that effort. Clearly.

Of course I would have also been racing against a lady (Jesse's wife Autumn) who is somewhere around 7/8 months pregnant but I have no pride.  She beat me and everyone else 3 years ago 5 months pregnant.  I bet she wasn't even racing today.

I got 4th in my age division and could have at least gotten 3rd if I hadn't decided I didn't want to race it and wanted to run with my friends instead.  I don't like the fact that I don't run with them more.


Unknown said...
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Monica said...

What did you give/get for the white elephant gift?!

Terra said...

I forgot to being one (my brain is a bit fuzzy at 6:30 am) but Dennis let me open his AND keep it! I guess he didn't need argyle socks with santa fuzz around the top and pink hat:)