Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Remember to Wash Your Socks

I've been having some amazing runs lately, which makes me a little nervous, because HOW am I going to keep this up through an entire training cycle and race?!

It's true.  I'm a bit superstitious.

I feel like if you talk about something going really well, then it's going to go badly just because you talked about it.  You can't look at something straight on, or it will figure out it's important to you and you'll lose it.

Yeah, I know that makes no sense.

I'd also like to assure you that I don't have anything "lucky" and every piece of gear I use gets washed.

Saturday was my first 20 miler of the cycle and since Amy had 10 miles scheduled she ran the first half with me. It was great!  We got to see some of my friends out running and give out some high fives, as well as feel fantastic through the entire run.

It wasn't a flat course and we averaged 8:10 per mile.  We would have been faster but I planned a route up this stupid hill that's at LEAST half a mile long...probably more.  We slowed to an 8:33 there.  It was our slowest mile.

Then Amy dropped  me off at South Sound Running and Randy picked up the run.  10 miles through Olympia and touching into Lacey.  You really can get pretty darn far running.
I might have worried him a bit when I got a bit confused no further than the store parking lot on where the route started, but he hid it well.  He likes "Adventure Running" as I call it.

The sun came out and the run felt fantastic!  We averaged 7:51 and had fun every step of the way.  He even said he thinks he'll join me for my entire run next weekend.

Monday Speed was 3 X Mile Repeats 1 minute recovery, which might be my least favorite workout.  I decided to do them at the lake rather than on a track.  I seriously can't keep track of that many laps.

Cody, Martinho, Turk and Raheash joined me.  Heather was a bit late and we missed her. She said she didn't feel fantastic anyway so she wasn't too sad to miss out on the workout.

My goal pace was 7:02.  I was a bit worried about it.  It just looked fast.

I shouldn't have worried:)

1 mile warm up
1. 6:43
2. 6:46
3. 6:51 (My shoe came untied with in the first quarter mile.  Note to self...don't use flat shoe laces.)

I've been worried about running too fast, but it doesn't seem to be keeping me down...I'm keeping an eye out for feeling recovered in time for my next training sessions though.

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