Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Speedy Gonzales

Saturday was a great day for me! (Monday was great as well, but more on that later)

I managed to wake up on time and actually beat Amy to South Sound Running! This brings the total number of times I've gotten to a run before up to THREE.

She's punctual.

Randy had also decided that he wanted to try his hand at running the entire distance with me, even though his last longest run (16 miles) was a year ago.

"Laugh" (inside joke. It's hilarious though)

Amy ran the first 8 with us and we average 8:01 per mile.  None to shabby:)  She didn't even have to go to the bathroom once!

Dropped her off, and off we went for another 9.  It got colder in that short period of time, be we still felt great!

I don't think I drank enough, but our nutrition was spot on!

An interesting little tid bit about Randy that I didn't know...he speeds up when he gets tired.

Apparently he was VERY tired around mile 14/15 because it was our fastest mile clocking in at 7:28.  We both just had to laugh when we saw that:)

I ran by feel, and felt great through the entire run and really that's all I can ask for.
(But it's nice to know I can run 17.5 miles at an average pace of 7:48 and still feel good!)

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