Wednesday, February 05, 2014

10 Reasons I Love Running

I love to run.

1. I love how it makes me feel strong during and after I run.

2. I love how much I can eat because I run.

3. I love how I have never doubted myself when I'm running. (This isn't technically true, but I don't think you should ever count how you feel on mile 23 of a marathon.)

4. I love how it has given me some of the best friendships I've had in my life.

5. I love how it can make strangers best buddies, either during a race, or just through that nod you give when you pass each other.

6. I love those people that come out and volunteer during races, even when it's cold and rainy and miserable. Seriously, I can barely stand it and I'm running! They have to stand still for hours!

7. I love how fast I feel when I have a good run!

8. I love knowing that if I lock myself out of my car *cough* never happened *cough* I can still get myself home.

9. I love that my dad calls me and tells me about his runs, and we can geek out about all the little details that everyone else finds boring.

I love being able to Pay it Forward to all the new(er) runners I meet in appreciation towards all those runners who helped me when I was a new(er) runner.

I love when the race photographer takes my photo while I'm running up a hill, because no matter how slow I'm actually going, it looks awesome.

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