Thursday, February 06, 2014

Running and Cupcakes...a Match Made in Heaven

Running Buddy Randy is gone to the land of the snow, ice and below freezing temperatures....Otherwise known as Illinois.

That meant Heather and I were on our own for Tempo yesterday.  I feel little whiny complaining about 27 degree weather (without windchill) when Randy woke up to -22 degrees, but I'm going to.

It was COLD!

My Tempo was 1 mile warm up, and 5 miles at 7:50.

9:34, 7: 39, 7:25, 7:28, 7:21, 7:17.

Randy would have made me run faster:)

The really cold part was when we ran around the lake/port.  The wind coming off the water just cuts!

Luckily for us, we had cupcakes and hot mint tea waiting for us at Bonjour Cupcakes!

No better way, to end a run:)

In other news I've hired a nutrition coach.  High 5 Nutrition has taken my measurements and pinched me on my arms, legs and torso to get my body fat percentage....that was an unpleasant surprise. I was expecting a lower number...I guess I DID gain some Holiday Weight.

I was also given a personalized plan, that highlights my goals of eating more Iron, and lowering my body fat, while fueling my workouts with higher quality food.

And recipes! To help teach me how to prepare healthful meals that aren't too complicated for my skills level (basic) and that won't cost an arm and a leg to buy ingredients for.

In full disclosure my body fat is 27.6%. Before Christmas it was 22/23% so....I guess I ate too much.

Because I'm vain, I would like to be in the mid "Fitness" to very high "Athletes" section of this chart. It is also supposed to help me run faster, and I would love that!

Because I really like to eat, this required me to hire someone to tell me how to do it.  Sure, I know that I need to not eat so much, but I'm pretty sure I can reach my fitness goals AND eat a ton, I just have to change what I'm eating.

That's right.  I'm going for Quality AND Quantity!

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