Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Runners are all Friends Inside.

Saturday was really early.

I went to bed on
Friday kind of hoping it would snow so I wouldn't have to do my 20 miler the next day. I was really grumpy about it for some reason.

Amy and Drew were running 10 of them with me, so I just had to run a measly 10 alone.  I can do that!

2 miles in and I wasn't sure the 20 miles were going to happen that day.  Amy told me to do it anyway.
I knew she was right but I had some other issues going on, and it was making me super tired and I couldn't tell if I needed bathroom breaks or not.

Which is the WORST.
Not knowing...so you feel like you have to stop at every single one, just in case.

We made great time for those 10 miles. 8:04 average.

Amy told me again to suck it up and keep going, and then she got into her car and drove off.

I didn't even wait to start the second round.  There were even a bunch of Army guys doing the running portion of their PT so I was able to high five like 20 people in half a mile, which is always fun.

Shortly after than I kind of derailed.

I ran into another runner who ran 2.5 miles with me, but by the time I got back to South Sound Running I felt kind of gaggy, so I thought I'd sit down for a second.  As I walked into the store I honestly didn't know if I was going to barf on their carpet or not.

I still had 5 miles left.

I wasted a little time to put it off, but managed to scratch out another 2 miles before I needed to start the Couch to 5k Program.  I was fully planning on counting the 2 miles we run together, but Chrissy came out and she was looking for some company for 15 miles so I ran 6 miles with her before I had to call it.

We played the "have you met..." game so that Chrissy wasn't running 7 miles alone.  There was a running waiting for her sister at the bathrooms so we introduced ourselves and asked if Chrissy could run with them:)

They were very gracious and even though we were probably a bit weird they let her join them and Chrissy made a new running facebook friend!

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